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Colleges and universities have long been bastions of critical thought and differing ideologies. Yet in recent years, controversial authors, speakers, and media personalities are no longer welcome on some campuses. Why are we becoming less tolerant of opposing viewpoints? Why such polarization on critical issues like politics, climate change – even the need for a college education?


The answers can be found in “Seeing Reality As It Is” by Joseph L. Giovannoli. In it, the author explores anthropology, history, religion, sociology, philosophy and science to show how our beliefs are formed, inherited and transmitted; and most importantly, how modern propagandists 'hack' our belief systems in order to influence and/or change our perceptions of reality. 



“Seeing Reality As It Is” is a must-read for students everywhere; and for a limited time, available for free. Simply go to the Contact page and enter your school name and epub, Mobi or PDF in the Comment box, and your email address where indicated.

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